Artists like this that can express their love for the land, the people. and in such an accurate, insightful, and melodic way...also make me very proud of what Canada has to offer the world. Facts are facts - Steven Hees has written himself an authentically sweet tune.”

— Sleepingbagstudios

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"In many ways, through the lyrics he's written, the imagery, and the warm, comforting acoustic-based sound he's got goin' on here, you get the opportunity to close your eyes, lay back, relax, and experience Canada through the eyes of Steven Hees like you're a tourist or passenger along for the road trip he's taking throughout the song."

                                                               - Sleepingbagstudios


"Just Another Cover Song", off my debut EP Still, performed live at Le Garage Cafe in Winnipeg, MB July 28th, 2018.


Steven Hees is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, MB, living in Halifax, NS. His songs live in the world of folk with elements of pop, containing emotional lyrics and catching melodies. He writes songs about love and longing, home towns and new homes, and uses his songs to tell stories.